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FaxitFast Blog

What are the methods to send fax online?

May 17, 2024

In a world dominated by digital communication, the fax machine may seem like a relic of the past. The need to send faxes still arises in many professional settings. Whether you're applying for a job, sending important documents, or prefer the security of faxing over email, knowing how to send a fax online can be incredibly useful.

How to find the best online fax service to send fax online through email?

May 2, 2024

The need to send faxes persists for many businesses and individuals. With the convenience of email and online services, sending faxes has evolved to become quick and efficient. But with so many online fax services available, how do you choose the best one for your needs? Let us explore how to find the perfect online fax service that allows you to send faxes through email seamlessly.

Say Goodbye to Clunky Fax Machines by Learning How to Send a Fax Using the Internet

April 2, 2024

Sending a fax using the Internet is a convenient and efficient way to transmit documents electronically. Online faxing offers numerous benefits, including time and cost savings. With a step-by-step guide to faxing online, the process becomes simple. However, it's essential to be aware of common internet faxing issues and how to troubleshoot them

The Future of Faxing: How to Send Faxes from a Mac without a Phone Line

February 14, 2024

It is possible to send faxes from a Mac without a traditional phone line. But how exactly does it work? Let us explore the future of faxing and uncover methods for sending faxes directly from your Mac without the hassle of a phone line. So, if you're curious about simplifying your faxing process and embracing the digital age, keep reading.

The Ultimate Guide: How Can You Fax From Your Phone Like a Pro

January 24, 2024

In this ultimate guide, we'll show you how to fax from your phone like a pro. Say goodbye to outdated machines and hello to the convenience of online mobile faxing. Discover the basics, choose the exemplary service, integrate with cloud storage, and learn expert tips and tricks. Get ready to revolutionize your faxing game and become a true pro on the go. Let's get started!

Simplify Document Transmission: How Fax from Android Can Benefit Your Business

January 24, 2024

Say goodbye to outdated fax machines and hello to the future of business communication. You can simplify the process by faxing from your Android device. Discover the benefits of this modern solution and how it can revolutionize your business. Prepare to save time, improve efficiency, and take your document transmission to the next level.

The Power of Mobility: Fax from iPhone on the Go

January 24, 2024

With the ability to fax directly from your iPhone, you can now stay productive and efficient wherever you are. Let us see the simple steps of faxing from your iPhone on the go and discuss the benefits of this convenient solution.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Send PDF as a Fax Online

December 11, 2023

Looking to send a PDF as a fax online? You're in luck! This step-by-step guide will show you how to send your PDF documents as faxes using FaxitFast easily. No need to worry about finding a fax machine or dealing with paper jams. You can conveniently send faxes from your computer or mobile device with few clicks.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Send Fax From Email

October 26, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to send a fax from your email? Well, you're in luck! This step-by-step guide can show you exactly how to do it. Sending a fax has never been easier - no more outdated fax machines or expensive phone lines. You can send important documents directly from your email with just a few clicks. So, get ready to streamline your communication process and save time with this simple and efficient method.

Modern Faxing: Seamlessly Send Fax from Your Phone

October 18, 2023

Are you tired of the hassle of traditional fax machines? Look no further because this guide will show you how to send faxes directly from your phone. No more searching for a fax machine or dealing with paper jams. You can effortlessly send and receive faxes right from the convenience of your device by following a few steps. Prepare to revolutionize your faxing experience and say goodbye to the old ways.

Fax PDFs Anywhere, Anytime: How Faxing PDF document Online Can Improve Your Business Communication.

September 11, 2023

In today's fast-paced digital world, effective and seamless communication is crucial for the success of any business. While technological advancements have revolutionized how we exchange information, faxing remains vital for many organizations. However, traditional fax machines can be cumbersome and limited in their capabilities. Online faxing of PDF documents is a game-changer that permits businesses to send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere. Let us explore how faxing PDFs online can enhance your business communication, streamline workflows, and ultimately boost productivity like never before.

Modernizing Your Office: The Future of Faxing Documents from Computer

July 26, 2023

The traditional office setup is significantly transforming today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. As businesses strive to keep pace with technological advancements, one aspect that often gets overlooked is faxing. Once an integral part of communication in offices worldwide, faxing has become obsolete for many organizations. However, as we delve into the future of office functionality, it becomes evident that faxing still serves a crucial role in specific industries and workflows. To embrace this need for modernization, computer-based fax solutions are emerging as a game-changer, bridging the gap between traditional methods and cutting-edge technology.

Streamlining Your Workflow: How Faxing PDF Documents Online Can Save You Time and Money

June 20, 2023

The modern workplace constantly evolves, and staying on top of the most efficient workflows can be challenging. Many businesses are turning to innovative technologies to help streamline their processes, as it can save them time and money. One such technology is faxing PDF documents online. With its many benefits, faxing PDF documents online offers a convenient and cost-effective way to send documents securely without sacrificing quality or speed. Faxing has been a common practice in business for decades.

Say Goodbye to Paper Jams: Securely Fax Word Documents Online in Minutes

May 19, 2023

In today's modern world, paper jams are a thing of the past. You no longer need to worry about relying on outdated technology and wasting time trying to get your documents to their destination. Now you can securely fax Word documents online in minutes! No need to wait for the fax machine to complete the job; sending secure documents has never been easier. With this new technology, you can quickly and efficiently send your important documents without delay. With online fax services, you can easily send your documents without touching a printer or scanner. It saves time and also helps reduce paper waste and the risk of paper jams. Securely faxing Word documents online is an effortless procedure. You can send and receive faxes from all devices, not just your computer. Whether you use your smartphone or tablet, you can easily send and receive faxes with an internet connection. You can still manage your essential documents even if you are on the go or away from your desk.

Revolutionize Your Office Communication with the Convenience of Sending a Fax from Windows 10 Computer

April 24, 2023

In today's world of digital technology, sending a fax can often be overlooked. However, with the correct setup, you can revolutionize how your office communicates with the convenience of sending faxes from a Windows 10 computer. Sending faxes electronically eliminates manual labor associated with traditional fax machines and provides an efficient and reliable way to send important documents quickly. With this new method of document transmission, offices can now access information faster and more securely than ever before.

Break the Boundaries of Faxing by Sending Faxes via Cell Phone

April 4, 2023

Gone are the days when fax machines were the only means of transmitting documents over long distances. With technology advancements, sending and receiving faxes through mobile devices is now possible. It has made life easier for busy professionals who are always on the go and must send essential documents quickly.

Mobile faxing is a way to problem-free faxing.

February 22, 2023

Faxing has been around for decades, and while it is a valuable communication tool, it can be difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, mobile faxing is a way to fax without the hassle. Mobile faxing is an efficient and secure way to send documents with the help of wireless devices and cloud-based systems. Let us explore how mobile faxing is a way to problem-free faxing.

An end to all your online faxing panics

January 25, 2023

FaxitFast provides an online fax service that guarantees the best and most secure way to send and receive faxes over the Internet.

FaxitFast's sole objective is to provide you with revolutionary, easy-to-use software to instantly send faxes from any smartphone, PC, or email account. A Free 30-Day Trial with Value Plan is also an added advantage. You can manage many faxes without downloading additional applications or using a physical fax machine.

3 Tips for discarding your fax machine and fax via Email instead

December 8, 2022

Running a business is easier than ever because of technological advances. There are more ways to do business and use the time to your advantage than in years past. Whether you travel for business or work from a remote location, some tools and systems will help you communicate with others and run your business as if you were in the office next door. Let us see some tips on getting rid of your old fax machine and sending and receiving faxes via Email instead, saving your business money and time.

9 online faxing features that will stimulate your productivity

Nov 1, 2022

Internet faxing uses email to send documents to a receiving fax machine or allows you to receive a fax as an email. It's so easy you can send a fax directly from Gmail or even send a fax from your phone. The navigation and usability features are tremendous and familiar to most people, but what about those lesser-known features that help change how you send and share documents? Here is a list of the most helpful and least-known features that can take your productivity to a new level.

Mobile faxing: Maintaining documents private and secure.

September 26, 2022

File security is improved with HIPAA-compliant mobile fax software. If you are working in the medical, legal, or government sector, the security features of Mobile Fax are essential for you. If your current system's security features do not protect you, you can send important, confidential, and private documents using Mobile Fax.

How to choose an online fax service?

July 6, 2022

If you are searching for online fax service, here's everything you need to know about choosing one. Although fax machines may seem outdated, fax transmission is an important means of transmitting information across many industries.

Testing Online Fax Services

March 09, 2022

Fax machines can be a dying species, but you may still need to send or receive faxes from time to time. We consider costs, ease of use, and security to choose the best online fax service.

How You Can Save Trees Through Online Faxing?

February 28, 2022

Are you aware of the fact that forty percent of the national landfill is filled with paper? You may think that paper is relatively cheap, so you can throw it away whenever you want. Since they are made from trees and are biodegradable, you may believe that landfills do not have any problem. Paper can be biodegradable, but that doesn't mean the whole process is good for you or the environment.

Benefits Of Online Faxing

February 28, 2022

Online faxing is a viable option for a small business for many reasons, but the main advantage is that it is affordable and easy to use.

How To Save Expenses By Opting To Online Faxing

January 27, 2022

For your small business, it's time to move from traditional fax machines to Internet fax. Online fax technology can make it more efficient, provide improved security, and save you money and time.

Is online Faxing Safe?

October 1, 2021

Modern technology has changed our world for the better. Things that were once tedious and time-consuming are now considerably simple thanks to the strides technology has made, especially with respect to cloud-based software. This also includes faxing services that have provided their clients and customers with an easy way to send fax online.

Why it is Finally Time to Retire Your Fax Machine

July 8, 2021

Fax machines today are relics of a very important time in our past. They were ubiquitous and found in every office, household, or other places of business. For a very long time, it was the only secure way to transmit information over long distances in a brisk amount of time.

How to Send Documents Online Securely

September 10, 2020

The issue of data security has many businesses worrying about the possibility of a data breach that can jeopardize their standing in the market. Judging by the current trends, this fear is valid for a number of reasons. In 2018 alone, it was estimated that businesses around the globe lost a whopping 5 billion dollars due to security breaches. A popular Hollywood movie studio had to demand resignations from their top executives because of a hack that lead to leaks of several embarrassing email exchanges.

Online Faxing VS Traditional Faxing – Which is Better?

August 14, 2020

As the internet continues to become a pervasive force of nature, digital clones of traditional business practices are quickly becoming obsolete. Here, our focus is mainly on the good ol’ traditional fax machine. With the introduction of email, and many other technological advancements making communication all the more convenient, the traditional fax machine still finds an important place in many business offices worldwide.

Why We Should all Choose Online Faxing?

August 10, 2020

We have come so far in terms of technological advancements that have made so many aspects of our life and work easy. The advent of technology has led to humanity excelling in terms of speed, productivity, and collective prosperity. Gone are days, where we dabbled in a mountain of paperwork that was always at the risk of loss, damage, and theft. Video conferencing, emails and social media platforms have forever altered how we communicate with each other on both personal and professional levels.