Break the Boundaries of Faxing by Sending Faxes via Cell Phone

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April 4, 2022


Gone are the days when fax machines were the only means of transmitting documents over long distances. With technology advancements, sending and receiving faxes through mobile devices is now possible. It has made life easier for busy professionals who are always on the go and must send essential documents quickly.

Using your mobile faxing, you can quickly scan or take a photo of your document and send it as a fax. The process is fast, secure, and cost-effective compared to traditional methods such as using an actual fax machine or sending via post. It also eliminates the need for paper-based documentation, which is environmentally friendly. Moreover, sending faxes via cell phones has become increasingly popular due to convenience. You no longer have to be physically present at an office or carry bulky equipment. With your mobile, you can transmit documents from anywhere, whether traveling or working remotely, making it an ideal solution for today's modern workforce. Let us explore how faxing via cell phone breaks the boundary of faxing.

Advantages of sending faxes via cell phone

1. Security:

Security is a top consideration when sending sensitive documents, so online faxing service providers prioritize it. They utilize cybersecurity solutions to confirm all data transmission is secure and protected from unauthorized access. It means your document will reach the destination safely whenever you send a fax online, whether through your computer or cell phone. One of the security measures used by online faxing services is encryption technology. When you send a fax online, the information in the document goes through an encryption process, converting it into code language that only authorized users can decipher. It ensures that even if someone intercepts your message during transmission or tries to access it without authorization later on, they won't be able to read its contents.

2. Cost-Effective:

Mobile faxing is a cost-efficient way for businesses to communicate with one another. Traditional faxing requires a physical fax machine, which can be expensive to maintain and repair. You need an internet connection and a cell phone for mobile faxing. It does not require costly equipment and saves costs on paper, ink, toner, and other supplies. In addition to saving money on supplies and maintenance costs associated with traditional fax machines, mobile faxing also helps businesses save time. Instead of having to wait in line at a physical fax machine or manually input numbers into the machine's dial pad, cell phone faxes can be sent from anywhere at any time with just a few clicks. This convenience allows employees to focus on more critical tasks, directly impacting their productivity. By eliminating the need for expensive equipment and reducing manual processes, your business can save valuable resources that can be used elsewhere to help grow your company.

3. Eco-friendliness:

Mobile faxing provides a reliable and efficient way to communicate while reducing the environmental impact of traditional paper-based faxing. It can help save trees, reduce waste, and minimize transportation-related carbon emissions by eliminating the need for physical documents. It is vital for businesses that rely heavily on faxes in their daily operations. You can save trees and help the environment by using cell phones for faxing.

4. Recordkeeping:

Using mobile services for faxing has numerous benefits, especially regarding recordkeeping. It's common for businesses to lose important faxes, which can lead to significant problems. However, with storage options available through an online fax service, companies can keep all their important documents organized and accessible anytime. One of the key benefits of using an online fax service is that you can easily store all your faxes on your account. It means that you never have to worry about losing important documents again. An online fax service helps streamline communication processes, making recordkeeping much easier and more convenient for businesses. It eliminates issues such as lost documents, misplaced files, or delays in receiving them due to outdated technology like traditional fax machines. Therefore, adopting this technology saves time and resources spent on manual filing systems required with paper records management techniques.

5. Flexibility:

Another great benefit of using mobile faxing is their flexibility in terms of location. With traditional fax machines, you need to be physically present at the machine to send or receive faxes. But with mobile faxing, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere worldwide if you have an internet connection. Additionally, most mobile faxing services offer storage options, meaning all your sent and received faxes are stored securely. It comes in handy when accessing old faxes while on the go, eliminating the need to carry bulky files or rely on physical copies of documents. Online fax services provide a solution for businesses that must send hundreds of faxes daily. They eliminate the need for bulky hardware, maintenance costs, and long-distance charges. Using online fax services on cell phones allows business owners flexibility in their work schedules while staying connected with clients. With online faxing, there are no geographic barriers because of the internet connection. Also, you can easily manage documents on the go, such as signing contracts or reviewing proposals, without needing access to a desktop computer or printer.

6. Scalability:

Mobile faxing has made sending and receiving documents more convenient than ever before. But with the ease of sending faxes comes the challenge of keeping track of them all. It can be incredibly challenging for businesses that send hundreds of monthly faxes. One solution to this issue is using a mobile faxing service. These services allow you to keep track of all the faxes you send, including when they were sent, who they were sent to, and whether or not they were successfully delivered. With this information, you can easily monitor the status of each fax and follow up with clients as needed. Mobile faxing is not only a convenient way of sending faxes from anywhere, but it also allows users to reach multiple recipients with ease. The traditional faxing method involves printing the document and manually dialing each recipient's number, which can be time-consuming and inefficient. With mobile faxing, users can upload their documents to the website and select multiple fax addresses.

Where to get the best mobile faxing services?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about FaxitFast.


FaxitFast is an Internet fax service that allows users to get their own unique, dedicated fax number and gives you the power to send / receive faxes from the Internet and your existing email account. Your FaxitFast fax number can be prominently displayed on business cards, email footers, and any other place you would showcase a traditional fax number. Senders can send faxes to your dedicated FaxitFast number using regular fax machines or other Internet fax services. Your incoming faxes are automatically converted to Adobe Acrobat PDF files and are immediately sent to your registered email address. FaxitFast email fax works with any existing email account and gives you the power to send and receive faxes from anywhere you have access to your existing email account, including on-the-go from your Blackberry, iPhone, Android or smartphone.

Nope. FaxitFast is a web based service and works from your online FaxitFast account and through your existing email account. Fax from online as FaxitFast combines the power of fax and email into one user-friendly service. No software to download, no equipment to buy.

We've made it easy to change your password at anytime to protect the security of your online fax account. To change your password, simply Log In to your account with your username / password at Once you have signed in, click the "User Profile" link located on the left-hand side of the screen under the My Settings section. You will then have the option to change your password as desired.
It is NOT possible to change your username after the account has been created, even if you no longer have access to the email address that was used when the FaxitFast account was first created. You can easily update the email addresses to send / receive faxes with on the "Send Prefernces" page and "Receive Preferences" page, but you will always need to login using the same email address that was used when the FaxitFast account was first created.

If you forget or misplace your username or password for your FaxitFast account, you may request it online by clicking the "Login" navigation item and then clicking the "reset your password" link. If you have forgotten both your username and password, please Contact Us and we will send you an email indicating your username and/or reset password. Please include any information in your email that will help us identify your account, such as the FaxitFast fax number, primary account holder's name, registered email address, etc. Once we receive your request, the correct username / password will be sent to the registered email address on file for the account in question.

Yes you can! During the sign up process, you will have the option to select a toll free prefix or choose from hundreds of local area codes throughout the United States.

Now that you've successfully signed up for a FaxitFast account, the first step is to login to your FaxitFast account and become familiar with the "My Account" area. Once logged in, we recommend taking the FaxitFast product tour before customizing the FaxitFast settings. From the "My Account" area, you can:

- Make changes to your login information, billing information and user profile
- Review your incoming / outgoing fax history
- Send faxes using the FaxitFast Account Dashboard
- Customize incoming / outgoing fax settings
- Customize settings for mobile faxing directly from your Blackberry, iPhone or smartphone
- Change the email addresses used for receiving / sending faxes
- Fill your online FaxitFast address book with commonly used fax numbers
- Review your billing history
- Upgrade your monthly fax plan
- Schedule faxes to be sent automatically at a later time
- Filter junk faxes using the FaxitFast spam blocker

Our Internet fax service includes compatibility with fax for Windows, Mac, Linux and all of the popular browsers.

Absolutely not. FaxitFast is billed month-to-month with no contracts and users can cancel with a click from their online FaxitFast "My Account" area.

Yes and Yes! You can use FaxitFast with Windows or Mac operating systems and our service works with all of the popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and more. FaxitFast is a leading fax email service that allows you to fax with Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

YES! Simply enter your current fax number in Step 2 of the signup procedure and the system will walk you through the process. It is that easy!

At the present time our FaxitFast online faxing services only covers the United States and Canada.

Privacy / Security

If you send and receive faxes via email, it may be possible for third parties to unlawfully intercept or access fax/voice messages, since email is not secure. Any faxes you send while logged in to your account using the FaxitFast Account Dashboard are uploaded from your computer to FaxitFast via a secure SSL connection. This is more secure than email to fax.

Privacy is one of our highest concerns and we have taken numerous security measures to keep your information safe. Anytime you are logged in to the FaxitFast website, any information you submit to us (billing/personal information, viewing or downloading faxes, sending faxes from the website, etc.) is protected by a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the FaxitFast website. This is true unless you specifically choose the unsecure login option to access your account. You can use your web browser's security feature to view the security information for any FaxitFast pages that require you to enter credit card information.

Contact a member of the FaxitFast support team immediately by sending us an email to or use the Contact Us form. Once your email is received, our team will suspend your account until the password can be reset and forwarded to the primary account holder.